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As gold which he cannot spend will make no man rich
so knowledge which he cannot apply will make no man wise

Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-84)


Version 1.0 has been released

C++ and Java developers needed !!!

Currently several improvements are being acomplished to both server and client applications. We need Java and C++ developers who help us to continue with the project in these areas:

  • GUI in Java
  • CORBA debug in C++

What's SniifIt?

SniffIt is a Distribted Sniffer System, which allows users to capture network traffic from an unique machine using a graphical client application. This feature is very useful in switched networks, where traditional sniffers only allow users to sniff their own network traffic.

SniffIt was born as a Master Thesis project for the Telecomunications Engeneering School at the University of Valladolid, in Spain. It was desgined to be used in a one course about TCP/IP, so it is very adequated for educational enviroments.


In order to install SniffIt properly you need to have installed:

  • OpenSSL 0.97 or higher
  • Mico 2.3.10 or higher
  • OpenORB 1.3.0
  • PCapLib

Until now the system has been only tested on linux and FreeBSD machines.

Where can I get sniffit?

You can download the Version 1.0 from the page of the project on Sourceforge

The lastest code are also avaliable in the CVS server. The CVSROOT for sniffit is, and there are three modules:

  • doc: the documentation of the project. There are documments written in LaTeX and other written in troff.
  • client-alpha: the client source code.
  • server-alpha: the server source code.

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